14 MP candidates file COCs for various posts

BONTOC – Fourteen candidates filed their certificates of candidacy for various provincial elective positions almost two after the opening of the filing of candidacy. Provincial COMELEC officials say that a candidate was ready to file his intent the very minute their office opened for official business last Thursday.

Incumbent Paracelis mayor Avelino Amangyen was the first to file his COC for congressman for the lone provincial congressional district. Former Sabangan mayor Jupiter Dominguez also formally filed his intent for the same position which presently is filled by a caretaker after the death of Maximo Dalog who was serving his third and last term as legislator. A third congressional candidate, Alberto Paday-os from Bauko, likewise submitted his COC. Paday-os, who claims to be a farmer, is known to have the tendency of aspiring for high provincial elective posts. He was a candidate for governor in 2010 and a vice governor aspirant in 2016.

Former Tadian mayor Harry Dominguez is returning to the political arena after missing to file his intent in 2016 which political observers said could have catapulted him to the highest elective position in the province. “Obviously, that was his chance for the governorship. He could have got the win in a silver platter with the death of the late governor Leonard Mayaen”, commented an observer.

Incumbent governor Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr. is seeking the governorship through the mandate of the electorate. Lacwasan assumed the provincial executive position in 2016 by way of succession when the lone candidate for governor died. Lacwasan is a former barangay chairman of Utocan Sur but served as a member of the Sangguniang for nine years by virtue of his being the provincial chairman of the Association of Barangay Councils. He was vice governor for six years before he became governor. Natonin mayor Mateo Chiyawan is the third candidate for governor. Chiyawan was a six year board member then elected as vice governor for a term. He is serving his last third and last term as mayor of the eastern town.

As of press time, only incumbent vice governor Francis Tauli filed his candidacy for the same position.

Running for board members for the first legislative district are re-electionists Stephen Afuyog and Carino Tamang. They are joined by Angelo Fongafong of Betwagan, Sadanga and Grayson Naogsan of Natonin. For the second district, those who filed their intent for a slot in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan are Salvador Dalang, Romeo Pagedped, and Donato Danglose.

With three more days to make their intent official, many names are expected to be included in the list for the various positions. As predicted, candidates usually make final decisions in the closing hours of the last filing date.

By: Angel Baybay


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