2017 assessed

BAGUIO CITY – As with the past years, 2017 was filled with challenges and numerous problems, but confronted head-on and survived, through divine blessings, Mayor Mauricio Domogan said during last week’s media Ugnayan.

The city’s finances slowly grew as evidenced by the increase, from the P1,779,000,000 approved budget for 2017, and 2018’s proposed budget P2,059,000,000. Income from business taxes through tourism and events are the main source of the fund increase, the mayor said.

For the infrastructure side, the mayor said that barangay roads have been concreted, as with improvements at the sewage treatment plant in South Sanitary Camp. Improvements are being planned for more areas in the city, he added.

The more serious problem of garbage is being looked into as the hauling and tipping fees per tonnage, would decrease, with the garbage going to nearer Urdaneta, Pangasinan and not to Capas, Tarlac. Negotiations for the proposed site for garbage at Antamok is also nearing completion.

The peace and order situation has improved greatly, with a 48% decrease in crime volume, which elated a greater part of the community, and the visitors as well, the mayor also said.

For the environment, the city has planted more trees to help sustain the fight against global warming and climate change. It has been one of the city’s main thrust, Domogan clarified.

More plans and programs for the improvement of basic needs of the residents, visitors and the whole community, the mayor further said.



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