42 Wright Park stalls to be dismantled

BAGUIO CITY – Forty-two stalls along Bridle Path, Wright Park is expected to be dismantled or removed to pave the way for the construction of a view deck.

Engineer Nazita Bañez said that the land should be vacated since the land is a government property. She also added that that they are not obliged to give them a relocation site because the constituents have already used and benefited from the government land for years.

Constituents from the Bridle Path Vendors Wright Park Association have no complaints for the clearing of the stalls, however they are requesting building permit from the City Buildings and Architecture Office for a peaceful relocation to the Wright Park, Parking Area if a said project is to be developed.

The letter written by Kagawad Julius Ampao, the President of the said association, states that the relocation site was already approved. He also added that a perspective plan and design was presented by CBAO.

“The mayor agreed with the relocation however it was verbal and not written in a document”, said Julius Ampal.

The letter was replied by Engineer Nazita Ibañez stating that they cannot issue a building permit since there was no Memorandum of Agreement between the association and the City Government. She also added that the construction of the “temporary stalls” will only commence upon the submission of the said document.

The View Deck project was bid by a Japanese contractor and was expected to start way back 2015, however was postponed due to a certain stall owners ongoing case.

By Alyssa Dawn Alalag



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