43 entries vie for Baguio edible home, backyard garden

BAGUIO CITY  – Some forty three edible home and backyard gardens in the different barangays of the city qualified for the 2018 Search for Edible and Backyard Farm, one of the flagship programs of the institutionalized celebration of Urban Farmers month.

Councilor Leandro B. Yangot, Jr., chairman of the Committee on Market, Trade, Commerce and Agriculture, said that 43 entries this year for the Search is a significant improvement compared to the 30 entries that joined the initial staging of the contest last year.

He added the increase in the number of entries for the contest this year only shows that more people now realize the importance of putting up their own backyard farms even if their spaces are limited as added sources of food for their homes and even contribute in addressing the increasing demand for organically produced agricultural crops.

“We are elated over the continuous increase in the number of backyard farmers who actively participate in the contest because it only shows that organic farming is alive even in a highly urbanized city like Baguio. We urge our residents to maximize the use of their limited spaces to produce their own supply of organic vegetables and make the presence of urban farms in the barangays an added tourist attraction,” Yangot stressed.

He added organic practitioners in the city can interact with their fellow farmers and agriculture experts for them to share their ideas, skills and strategies for better farming in the urban setting through seminars and training year-round with the support of the agriculture department and the newly established city agriculture division under the City Veterinary Office.

The entries to the city’s Search for Best Edible and Backyard Garden are Fe Ansong-Fiyaoyao of Pinget, Julia Cootiyen of Irisan, Poliwes barangay hall, Burnham-Legarda barangay, Rick G. Hull of Legarda Road, Julita P. Apilado of Guisad Central, Daizy Nasgatan of Irisan, Regina Vicente of Irisan, Jocelyn Dallo of Irisan, Olsino Mayocdan of Holy Ghost proper, Percival Alipit of Trancoville, Judith Balag-ey of Irisan, Elisalinda C. Guibong of Irisan, Marcela B. Cobebe of Irisan, Yolanda Pacio of Pinsao Proper, Carolina D. Fanged of Upper Quezon Hill, Amelia S. Montes of Pinget, Fred L. P Fangonon and Cecilia Fangonon of Loakan Liwanag, Pablo Agustin of Teachers Camp, Eliza Biswayan of Pacdal, Nora M. Apaan of Pacdal, Cesar Bayeng of San Vicente-Poliwes, Agnes Maslian of Happy Hallow, Imelda Marcos barangay, Mang Inasal crew of Legarda road, Romnick Kaylee Guibeng of Irisan, Jane Pauline Abanag of Lucnab, Margarita D. Joseph of Lucnab, Cherry D. Lindaoan of Lucnab, Geraldine Ongat –Renegado of Pinget, Anita Javier of San Antonio Village, Manipon Urban Farm in North Sanitary Camp, Teresa B. Piningeo of Irisan, Sally Towers of Sto. Tomas Central, Nelly Ayochok of Sto. Tomas Central, Sammy Lang-ay of Sto. Tomas Central, Virginia Jose of Pinget, Lopez Jaena Women’s Organization, Lopez Jaena Senior Citizen’s Organization, Loreta Umali of Asin road, Marciana Lee of Lower Dagsian and Agnes Marcos of Holy Ghost proper.

Prizes at stake are P18,000 for the first prize, P13,000 – second prize, P9,000 – third prize, P6,000 fourth prize, P4,000 – fifth prize and 8 consolation prizes of P2,500 each.

By Dexter A. See


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