Apayao folk urged to unite vs. IP slur

LUNA, Apayao  – Concerned sectors in the province challenged stakeholders of the State-run Apayao State College (ASC) to unite against those who are trying to discriminate the indigenous peoples (IP) and their ability to independently work and become resilient in dealing with whatever problems that confront them.

The call for unity against IP discrimination came after some school officials allegedly uttered insulting words against the IPs from the province who are trying their best to contribute their efforts in improving the status of the higher education institution so as not to waste the gains of the past school administration.

“We urged the students, faculty members, staff, and alumni to unite against what seems to be uncalled for discriminatory remarks being allegedly uttered by a top school official which is not pleasing to the ears of people who are listening to what has been time and again said by the said official,” the sources, who requested anonymity, stressed.

The sources disclosed that some student leaders and faculty are now being summoned by a school official to issue a statement refuting earlier revelations that were published in this widely read local newspaper alleging among others the official’s alleged discriminatory acts .

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According to them, it is also high time for the provincial and municipal officials to intervene in the brewing conflict inside the institution to prevent the same from being blown out of proportion that could result to the eventual deterioration of the school and the loss of the gains of the previous administration.

The sources are wondering why the provincial government struck out the P5 million annual support it had been extending to the institution that greatly contributed in improving the school’s infrastructure through the years.

The sources asserted that people who continue to belittle and insult IPs have no place in the province because their actuations are against the empowerment of the IPs being advocated and promoted by the ASC and other institutions in Apayao, thus, the necessary interventions of concerned local government agencies and the local government is required to put order in the school that is supposed to mold young IPs to become responsible and dedicated citizens of the country.

The sources admitted that there is already too much distrust and division inside ASC which was created by the present administration because of the desire of some school officials to lord it over without any appropriate direction, thus, the clamor for people to shape up or ship out so as not to compromise the integrity of the school which had been painstakingly established through the years of hard work and sincere service by people who previously resigned from their designations.



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