Apayao graduates of trainers methodology prepare for nat’l assessment

LUNA, Apayao – To intensify the readiness of 30 graduates of Trainers Methodology Level I for their upcoming National Assessment this June, Apayao Training Center designate Administrator James Gullayan gave some valuable tips and challenged them to exert extra effort in reviewing their notes and materials.

On May 19, Gullayan challenged all the graduates to do their best during the assessment period with the aim of increasing the numbers of registered certified trainers and accredited assessors of different qualifications in TESDA-Apayao.

”The limited number of trainers and assessors in the province is the main reason why we are offering this program to add more trainers and assessors provided that they will pass the assessment,” he stressed.

The 30 TM-I graduates of Apayao Training Center with different qualifications are preparing now for the National Assessment. They are under rigid review with their CBLM’s in preparation for the written exam and oral questioning which includes the practical demonstration. There are three expected TM Competency Assessors from Baguio City.

Fourteen from the 30 graduates are recipients of scholarship from TESDA and 16 are scholars of DepEd-Apayao. The TM-I training was proposed by Marcel-Al Trumpo, TLE Supervisor in the Division of Apayao. This is to augment the need for more competent assessors considering the numbers of graduates of the Apayao Training Center and of the Senior High Schools in Apayao which are offering different vocational skills.

According to Mary Grace Mendoza, TESDS II of TESDA Apayao, there are only 12 accredited competency assessors in the province. They are assessors for the following qualifications namely: Carpentry NC II, Masonry NC II, EIM NC II, Housekeeping NC II, Bread & Pastry NC II and Driving NC II.

The 16 scholars of DepEd had their training on December 21, 2017 to March 25, 2018. These 16 TLE teachers are required to undergo the National Assessment as mentioned in the Memorandum of Agreement executed between the scholars and the Schools Division Superintendent Ronald B. Castillo.

The MOA provides that failure to comply with this requirement will be ground for the teachers to return all the benefits they received during their training, hence, the scheduled national assessment this June. The benefits include tuition fee, meals and snacks, and transportation allowance.

Trainers Methodology level I Certificate is a requirement for National TVET Trainers Certificate and Accreditation for Competency Assessors. It is also an eligibility for TLE teachers in Senior High School of DepEd. The next training is now being planned as to timely address the need to produce more accredited assessors who are competent and are already from Apayao.



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