Appreciation and Recognition


As the co-op month came to an end, I would like to commend all co-ops in the region for making a difference in the lives of their members and in the community. Indeed, it is a great honor to be working in the co-op sector because several co-ops now have gone places. As far as I am concerned, the co-op industry is booming. The future looks very promising for them.

Receiving an award will always induce a great and wonderful feeling. Conscious of that fact, the CDA, together with its partners, gave several plaques and certificates to deserving co-ops during the series of co-op month celebrations around the region and even at the national level. This surely made the co-op month worthy of celebrating.

Giving due recognition to co-ops with outstanding performance, leaders with exemplary acts and co-ops that implement innovative ideas, boost their dedication and commitment to do better and be more inspired to keep improving. In fact, one co-op officer expressed to me her elation when their co-op just got a certificate of recognition. An indescribable joy was evident in her face. It was their first time.

No matter what some corners think about the act of giving appreciation and commendation, it is a basic human need. We long for it. It makes us feel good and feel better about what we do. It validates what we have accomplished. We all get disappointed when we do not hear ‘thank you’ for any act of kindness that we do.

Sometimes, I too forget to praise people for their accomplishments.  Some people find it difficult to do it because they focus on the negative aspect of the person rather than the positive aspect. The moment we magnify the mistakes and wrong things, we no longer see the positive things in people and in organizations. We make negative comments instead of appreciating what one has done.

We also forget the fact that we all have negative traits. That is why we do not have the license to put down others because of the bad things we see in them. We too have weaknesses and they talk about us when we are not around. Talking about those things doesn’t do us any good. It is not beneficial for our improvement to become better. Our weaknesses are the reasons why we need positive affirmations in order to get better.

The best thing about appreciation and recognition is that it does not have to be expensive. It is the act that matters.

Let us therefore take this opportunity to congratulate the La Trinidad Co-operative Development Office, for taking first place in the 2018 CDA Gawad Parangal, National Level. Mayor Romeo Salda, Councilor Horacio Ramos and Co-op Officer, Orlando Pacya, personally received the award in Manila last week. Other national winners were the Co-operative Development Office of the Province of Kalinga – 3rd place, Provincial level. Topdac MPC of Atok, Benguet also got 3rd place in the search for outstanding co-operative in the Small Category.   Sagubo MPC of Kapangan, Benguet received a Special Citation for environmental sustainability.

The CDA has also given some recognitions to co-ops at the regional level such as Taloy Norte Farmers MPC and Bokod Sulphur Springs MPC as the fastest growing co-ops, Tabuk MPC for having the most number of members with 29 thousand, and many more recipients.

Definitely, more awards and recognitions will be given next year’s co-op month celebration.


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