Balukas pupils receive supplies from San Jose Alumni

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Pupils of Balukas Elementary School received slippers, sports equipment, toothbrush, and other school supplies from the Alumni of San Jose, La Trinidad on October 19, 2018.

The pupils consider the alumni project as a blessing since they were the one given this early Christmas gifts of all the farthest and multi-grade schools from the district of La Trinidad. The donations made the pupils a great day for each had received the items with all the smiles and happiness they show to those who are giving them their gifts. Of course, the pupils consider the early Christmas gifts as a blessing for they have been chosen to be given gifts from generous individuals from a prestigious school.

The school supplies were then so helpful for some have consumed already their notebooks, papers, and pencil. It is also timely for some pupils to change their footwear to a new pair of slippers for them to be comfortable in coming to school everyday from distant houses.

The conduct of the Alumni project has gone through the process with the help of new technology. Alumni from San Jose High School, Poblacion, La Trinidad has to communicate with others for project development through text messages. With the coordinatorship of Cherry Zarate  MT II of La Trinidad Central School, Nancy Rosado, principal of SPED, La Trinidad, Richard Wanisen, barangay kagawad of Beckel, made the launching of their project a success. Of course, always, indigenous food was served in an acquaintanship at the Plan Building. To complete the day’s activity, each batch has to take photograph at the Balukas Elementary IPED House.

By Veronica C. Patinglag



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