Bauko tribes to improve competitiveness for progress

BAUKO, Mountain Province – Mayor Abraham B. Akilit underscored that the local government’s achievement in retaining its second place ranking in terms of government efficiency is a validation of the joint efforts of the local officials and the people that with constant improvement from each public servant, it will translate to the delivery of efficient services to the public.

Akilit claimed that the town’s achievement in government efficiency also serves as a challenge for public servants to improve its performance in other areas such as economic dynamism, infrastructure and resiliency.

Empowering our human resources for man is the most important need in management. Popular opinions and decisions may secure one’s political career, but our political will secure the future of our community,” Akilit stressed.

The municipal mayor added that working hard is not enough but the local government has to fully document its achievements not for local officials to brag but for the people to realize that they can trust the government.

According to him, well-rounded plans are meant to be properly executed, not only for  compliance to national directives, but to achieve the local government’s basic objectives of bring service to the grassroots level.

He advised his fellow local chief executives to employ policy-based budgeting to maximize the effective and efficient utilization of meagre government resources that will timely address the need of the people in their areas of jurisdiction.

Akilit also claimed there is a need for them to actively participate in meetings, conferences and for a of national agencies so that they will be able to show their national counterparts their dedication to forge partnerships with them in cascading to the grassroots level the basic services of the government.

“We started hard to realize our vision and the processes we took were much harder, but we believe that after all of the hardships, a sustainable and progressive Bauko lies ahead of our horizon where our literate citizenry and their families are strongly bonded together, secured in their homes, happily dinning together and always endowed with gift for a brighter future,” Mayor Akilit stressed.

He explained that the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) has challenged most local governments to dream better and perform their assigned duties and responsibilities with excellence in the areas of government efficiency, economic dynamism, infrastructure and resiliency to be competitive local governments ot only in the region but also nationwide.

Bauko was able to maintain its second place position in government efficiency in the national competitiveness ranking after it was able to garner the same position during the similar competition last year.

Bauko is considered a fourth class municipality that plays host to the Mount Data watershed in the hinterlands of the Cordillera.




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