BoGH receives various hospital equipment

BONTOC, Mountain Province  – The Bontoc General Hospital (BoGH) is expected to deliver greater services to the people of Mountain Province and to clients from nearby provinces after receiving donations in the form of hospital equipment from stakeholders.

Last Wednesday, Governor Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr. and BoGH Chief of Hospital, Dr. Tannao S. Kanongkong led the ceremonial turnover of the pieces of hospital equipment from the Australia-based Am-among Organization. The equipment included 8 digital thermometers, 5 nebulizers and a cardiac monitor.

The Am-among Organization in Australia comprises individuals who traces their roots to Mountain Province. Through the coordination of the BoGH chief and BoGH nurse, Venus Ramos with Rosela Tuazon and Florence Ledsey (both worked as nurse at the BoGH before choosing to work overseas), the Am-among organization was able to solicit a certain amount for the procurement of equipment.

The Department of Health and the Saint Lukes Global have also given assistance in forms of medical equipment to the hospital. According to Dr. Kanongkong, the DOH donated serum electrolyte analyzer, cardiac monitor (3), ceiling type OR light, anesthesia machine, laryngoscope (2), oxygen gauges (10), digital blood pressure apparatus (10), suction apparatus (4) ECG machine, heavy duty dental chair, therapeutic ultrasound, traction bed (3) parallel bars, electric simulators, delivery table, operating table and patient and mechanical beds (20).

Also, the Chief of Hospital in partnership with Bishop Brent Harry W. Alawas, Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines, was able to source out hospital equipment from Saint Lukes Global in the form of anesthesia vaporizer, blood and fluid warmers (2), electrosurgical units (2), electrosurgical unit carts (2), wall clock (5), weighing scale (3), wheel chair (5), glass pitchers (50), communication boards (100), bedside commode (4), bedsheets (100), negatoscope (1) and refrigerators (4).

Dr. Kanongkong is thankful to the “kailiyans” in Australia for coming up with a certain amount to procure the hospital equipment. She is also grateful to the DOH, Saint Lukes Global and other stakeholders who donated medical equipment.

She recognized the importance of the contributions and said that the BoGH will forever value the donations that will surely improve the hospital’s services.  She emphasized that the operation of BoGH is under the provincial government and with the PLGU’s meager budget, there is a need to source out assistance from outside stakeholders to augment the needed equipment since our hospital is a critical access facility.

“With the help of our stakeholders and through the full support of our governor and the officials in the provincial government, we will continue to strive to meet the needs of our clients and with everyone’s cooperation, we will address the challenges that affects service delivery and assure that we will deliver the services that the public expects from us,” Dr. Kanongkong said.

Meanwhile, Governor Lacwasan has assured that the provincial government will allot a budget for the maintenance of the various equipment as its counterpart.

“We will strive to continue upgrading the health facility; we are thankful for the many hospital equipment that were donated which will add up to the physical improvements of our hospital,” Lacwasan said.

By Erwin S. Batnag


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