Burnham Park non-motorized wheeled vehicle rental ordinance pushed

BAGUIO CITY  – The City Council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance known as the Burnham Park non-motorized wheeled vehicle rental measure.

The ordinance authored by Vice Mayor Edison R. Bilog stated that for the security and safety of the park goers and customers of the non-motorized wheeled vehicles for rent, all children below 12 years old should be accompanied by their parents or guardians before they will be allowed to rent the same and no children shall be allowed to rent the non-motorized wheeled vehicles during school days unless accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Further, no racing of non-motorized wheeled vehicles will be allowed while no customer smelling liquor, or alcohol or under the influence of alcoholic drinks shall be allowed to rent the said vehicles.

Under the proposed ordinance, gambling of any kind by operators or workers or by the general public will be prohibited and urinating, defecating and spitting as well as providing massage, nail services, and other unauthorized activities within the shed premises will be prohibited.

The ordinance stipulated that the local government, through the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO), shall have full control, supervision and jurisdiction over the non-motorized wheeled vehicles concessionaries, including their operations and maintenance; such that all activities and facilities shall be subject to the regulation, control, and licensing by the city government; the certificate of registration or license or business permit to operate, maintain, establish or conduct non-motorized wheeled vehicle operations shall remain valid for one year from date of issue, unless sooner revoked by the local government or subject to the conditions that the vehicles concessionaires shall vacate their areas of operation upon request of the city; no leasing or sub-leasing shall be allowed; adult and kiddie vehicle concessionaries are prohibited to expand their allocated area, to construct, introduce structures, park furniture, additional appurtenances, umbrella and features in their leased areas without first securing consent and approval from the CEPMO non-motorized wheeled vehicles shall only select one line of business and concessionaries shall absolve the local government of any liability in case of damages, injuries, and losses suffered in the operation of their business.

Moreover, concessionaries and workers shall maintain at all times courteous and harmonious relationship with the general public and shall maintain sanitation, cleanliness and beautification of their immediate environs in terms of landscaping up to 5 meters radius from their maintained shed. They shall continued to be benchmarked with other non-motorized wheeled vehicle operators in the country as basis to improve their operational services and amenities.

Any concessionaire found to have violated the pertinent provisions of the ordinance shall be given warning for the first offense, fined P2,500 for the 2nd offense and P5,000 and subsequent cancellation of business permit for the third offense. After the cancellation of the business permit, the erring concessionaire shall voluntarily vacate the premises, and failure on their part to do so will constrain the CEPMO to clear the area without need of court action and that the spaces vacated shall be offered to the general public.

By Dexter A. See


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