Caretaker dies in apparent suicide incident in Baguio

A caretaker died in an apparent suicide incident on October 17 at Baguio City

The incident was reported at around 9:32 AM on October 17, 2018 to the Tuba MPS where it was disclosed that the suicide happened at Camp 2, Kennon Road, Tuba, Benguet. The is victim was identified as a certain “Rey” 34, single, caretaker, native of Sagada, Mountain Province and a resident at Puliwes, Baguio City.

Interviews with the informant revealed that at about 8:00 AM of October 17, 2018,  the informant noticed the victim was hanging in front of his shanty using a nylon rope. At that instance, he contacted the Chief Tanod of Camp 3, Jerry Bengwasan, regarding the incident.

At around 11:10 AM of same date, SOCO personnel headed by Dr. Hector Sorra, Regional Medico Legal Officer, PRO-COR, arrived but family members of the deceased represented by his brother, refused to let the cadaver be undergo autopsy.

They signed a waiver of non-interest and manifested that they are convinced that there was no foul play in the death of their kin but purely suicide.

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