Cash incentives for police auxiliary members proposed

BAGUIO CITY  – The City Council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance making it a policy of the local government to grant cash incentive in the amount of five thousand pesos for every year of service to every retiring member of the Baguio City Police Office auxiliary, amending for the purpose Ordinance No. 39, series of 2011, appropriating funds for other purposes.

The ordinance authored by Councilors Francisco Roberto Ortega VI and Leandro B. Yangot, Jr. stated that the service incentive to be given by the local government to a retiring police auxiliary shall be P5,000 for every year of service.

Further, the ordinance stipulated that the amount needed for the implementation of the measure shall be included in the annual budget of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) for 2018 and every year thereafter.

The ordinance noted that Baguio City continues to be flocked by local and foreign tourists bringing with them their motor vehicles resulting in traffic congestions, especially in the central business district where most of the people converge.

In ensuring the proper maintenance of peace and order and the smooth flow of traffic around the city, the ordinance added that the Baguio City Police Auxiliaries formerly known as the Integrated Barangay Tanods have, through the years, undeniably played a crucial role in helping ensure that the roads and streets in the central business district are well taken of.

According to the proponents, the police auxiliaries serve as the frontliners in ensuring the maintenance of smooth flow of traffic in the city’s main roads and streets.

Recognizing their dedicated service and immeasurable contribution to the city, Ordinance No. 39, series of 2011 was passed providing retirement benefits for the Integrated Barangay Tanods which shall be P2,000 for every year of service with the funds to be part of the annual budget of the BCPO.

Last year, the local legislative body passed Ordinance No. 79, series of 2017 increasing the retirement benefit of every retiring employee of the local government to P5,000 for every year of service in recognition of their unselfish contribution and dedicated service, however, the police auxiliaries were not included in the grant of the said benefit.

Ortega and Yangot underscored that there is a need to include the police auxiliaries in the grant of the increase in the benefits of retiring employees considering that they too have equally directly and incalculably contributed to the successful implementation of the programs, projects and activities of the city.

Moreover, the proponents claimed that the increase in their retirement benefit will improve their morale thereby refueling, revitalizing and refreshing their commitment, dedication and determination to public service.

The ordinance stipulated that providing the retiring police auxiliaries with the increase in benefit will definitely be an added source of inspiration for them to strive hard in their work and that the accumulated benefits could be used for whatever needs of their families when they decided to retire from being members of the police auxiliary force of the local government.

By Dexter A. See

Banner photo by: Meryl Perez


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