CICL cases mostly from broken families

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan disclosed that based on records from the City Social Welfare and Development Office, most  individuals involved in cases involving children in conflict of the law (CICL) are from broken families living in the city’s barangays.

The local chief executive made the revelation during the launching of the celebration of the 26th National Children’s Month at the city hall grounds.

“It is incumbent to us parents to look after the welfare of our children so they grow to be responsible citizens of our society. We do not want our children to be problems of our society so we are obliged to look after their growth instead of being addicted to our vices that eventually ruin our bond as a family,” Domogan stressed.

He advised parents to refrain from addiction to vices, such as drinking liquor, smoking and gambling, because it is one of the root causes why husbands and wives part ways to the detriment of their children, thus, these children are constrained to seek attention from their peers often leading to their being convinced to join groups that have bad influence on them.

According to him, parents should always take into consideration the welfare of their children before deciding to part ways because instead of growing to become responsible citizens of the society, the children often become the serious problems of our society.

He said the celebration of National Children’s Month this November reminds everyone to ensure that people look into the welfare of the younger ones, nurture them and allow them to succeed in their desired life and career paths instead of ruining their future by allowing them to be influenced by peers who may lead them to bad deeds.

Republic Act 10661 signed by former President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino mandates the annual celebration of National Children’s Month every November to remind the public to value the important role of children in the society and that they should be nurtured to grow as responsible and dedicated citizens of their communities.

Domogan rallied the different sectors in the city to continuously support the various programs lined up by the local government in celebration of National Children’s Month because this will surely go a long way in leading today’s youth in the right direction in life for them to adopt values and do good deeds that have bearing in their growth as the successors of the present generation.

He urged the public to report to authorities children being abused by their parents, children who are being forced to sell plastics in public places and children who are used as taxi barkers so that government agencies and the local government can promptly act on such complaints to spare the children from activities that will compromise their safety, especially at a very young age.

By Dexter A. See


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