Connecting Administrators and Teachers

School administrators are supposed to provide professional development opportunities to teachers but why is it that some teachers manifest fear towards their school administrators and supervisors. They feel that school administrators visit and observe their classes just to find their weaknesses and faults.

But having a supportive school administrator can make all the difference for a teacher. Teachers find contentment and happiness in their work if they feel they are being respected, loved and recognized by their administrators. Teachers want to know that their school administrators have their best interests in mind. This could be realized if the school administrators are human enough to accept teachers for what they are considering that every man is a potential source of goodness, genuine love, concern and appreciation.

As a school administrator, he should realize that human beings are not the same as they are, therefore, endowed with different physical and intellectual attitudes. Teachers may also rise to lofty heights despite their human limitations if the administrator has full confidence in his subordinates.

The school administrator must also be aware that one of the greatest human needs is the need for recognition. The administrator is the leader who encourages everyone to lead in worthwhile activities both in the school and community. Teachers should be given due appreciation and recognition, and recommendation for desirable work done. Allow them to feel that their talents are appreciated because this arouses friendly atmosphere in the school.

It is the responsibility of the school administrator to give his subordinates the type of work they enjoy or where they excel and he should be guided by the principle of justice and impartiality. Knowing each teacher’s strength and weakness then is crucial part of the administrator’s job.

There is always more room for improvement as far as the relationship between administrators and teachers is concerned. Improvement could be achieved where there is in-depth interaction between the administrator and the teacher; when the administrator communicates desirable images and values to the teacher; when the sense of togetherness and spirit of mutual concern is developed among administrators; and when he makes every attempt to communicate expectations and personal, professional acceptance of the teachers with whom he interacts so as to build a foundation of trust.

More skills in taking the perspective of the teachers should be enhanced. When genuine concern and love for the opinions and values of teachers are shown by the administrator, then, productive relationship with teachers is developed.



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