Councilor offers incentives for private pay parking

BAGUIO CITY  – Councilor Mylen Yaranon have propose to offer tax incentives for private pay parking facilities in various Barangays in the city to help de clogged vehicles obstructing the road networks in the city.

Under the proposed Smarter roads concept, the city will have to study the present road situation of the city to solve the traffic situation such as relocating pedestrians crossing,

“We want to implement the concept of ‘Smarter Roads’ as suggested by Joseph Claridades which seeks to study the present road situation of the city. Just like the loading and nu-loading zones which would have to be relocated to ease the traffic, pedestrian crossings must be relocated 10 meters away from any intersections, signages and roundabout’s must also be studied to help minimize traffic congestions in the city,” Yaranon explained.

A newly formed traffic division was created by the city under the city Engineers office which is tasked to study the road network of the city and will be the primary implementer of the smarter road ordinance.

The Public Works Committee Chairman have also encourage private lot owners for them to convert their vacant lots to a pay parking area to de clogged obstructions in the Barangays.

“We are pushing for the passage of an ordinance to encourage private property owners to convert their vacant lots as private pay parking areas. Once passed and implemented, the ordinance would provide incentives to the private lot owners such as a 50 percent discount on real property taxes aside from the income they would generate which will not be regulated by the city government,” the Councilor said.

Yaranon chairs the committee on public works which focuses on the clearing of sidewalks, bridges and slope protection based on the Anti-obstruction ordinance.

On the reconstruction of the overpass between the City Hall and the Baguio City Police Office, the Councilor have asked the help of the Department of Public Works and Highways for its reconstruction which would have a standard height of 5.4 meters and above. Pending this, we have propose for the construction of a multi-story public pay parking beside the Baguio Fire Department at Camp Allen which will be connected to the BCPO and City Hall via the reconstructed overpass,” Yaranon added.

By Dexter A. See


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