Coworking: A Novel Concept Growing in the Heart of Baguio City

Times have changed. So does the work environment and our concept of the modern “office”. Over the recent years, a growing number of people have opted to become self-made entrepreneurs, mobile workers and freelancers.  With the advent of the mobile worker –  the office can be located at home, in a coffee shop, in an internet café, or on the road.  This flexibility   has always been one of the perks of working from anywhere. But things are also changing for the mobile workforce. Several disadvantages have been identified: the danger of isolation due to the lack of interpersonal interaction;  the risk of being less productive due to  many distractions; and then there’s the awkward inappropriateness of conducting a business meeting in a restaurant with people milling around you and too much social chatter.

In 2005, the idea of freelancers working independently but sharing a common workspace, and therefore also creating a community came about. Coworking was born – a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity.  Many coworking spaces were established by mobile workers who wanted an alternative to working in coffee shops and cafes or working in isolation from their homes. Since then, the number of coworking spaces has roughly doubled every year.

Because Baguio is a creative city, coworking is also not far behind at our own home front.  Founded by a group of six professionals who have a personal appreciation of the need for a coworking space in Baguio City, The CORE (COllaboration REsource) Community Workhub was established to provide a cost – efficient but professional environment to various individuals and groups looking for a flexible workspace. Shared facilities include individual work stations and meeting spaces. The space itself becomes a resource for collaboration and an antidote to isolation as ideas, advice and services are exchanged. Various community events are organized for both fun and network building.  There’s unlimited internet, unlimited charging of devices, unlimited coffee, tea and water.

Recently, The CORE was nominated for Best Coworking Space in Baguio in the Members’ Choice 2018 Awards of is a global platform for coworking space reviews. Established in 2018, the Members’ Choice awards are the highest honor Coworker can bestow. These annual awards are the only coworking industry awards based on thousands of reviews and opinions from members around the world. Categories are international, regional and city-level, and include coworking spaces of all types and sizes. You can vote for The CORE Workhub on the Members’ Choice 2018 Awards Facebook App by going to this link:

The coworking community in Baguio is growing and it is only appropriate to respond to their expressed needs. By building up the coworking community, we are able to foster a synergistic and collaborative environment. Let’s help make this community thrive as we contribute in making Baguio a creative and innovative city.

By Eleonor Baldo – Soriano


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