Disposal of cooking oil residues regulated

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The La Trinidad local council approved on third and final reading an ordinance on throwing cooking oil residues on the river.

La Trinidad Councilor, Horacio Ramos Jr. said that “Based on this proposed ordinance, we prohibit them. Dagitoy garud we focus on food services either be it restaurant, structural, or dagiti trade fairs.”

Ramos also explained that the there is a need to regulate the ordinance since restaurants who throw away residues down the drainage was a long time problem of the municipality. He also said that the residues are the main reason why there is an odorous smell along the canals.

“Uray ayna man ken they are still dumping residues directly down the drain to the sewage system”, he added.

The aim of the said ordinance is to unify food establishment to obey the ordinance and its clauses. To those who will not follow,  a  fine of 2,000 for the first offense and 2,500 for the succeeding offenses will be paid to the municipality.

Revocation of permit and closure of business establishment also awaits those who fulfill the ordinance.

The ordinance will be implemented as soon as the Sanggunang Panlalawigan of Benguet approves of it.


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