DOE to check geothermal energy viability in 3 Cordillera communities

BAGUIO CITY – The Department of Energy is set to conduct a study on the geothermal energy potential in three communities in the region.

The Buguias – Tinoc and Tuba-Pugo geothermal fields are DOE’s study projects along with Mt. Malindang in Misamis Occidental; Mt. Sembrano in Rizal; Mati – Lupon Tarragona and Coron, Palawan geothermal fields.

In line with the government renewable energy development project, DOE conducted an IEC (Information, Education and Communication) campaign for the Cordillera community stakeholders that included representatives from Pugo, La Union last June 20 at Hotel Supreme here.

DOE Renewable Energy Management Bureau Assistant Director Marissa Cerezo explained that said project is part of the Energy Department’s effort to ensure an efficient and ample supply of energy for the country not only for the present demand but to ensure a convenient life for the next generations to come, given that energy/electricity is major component in people’s everyday living.

Cerezo assured that such DOE study, which is a fully government initiated project, will not harm the environment or encroach on indigenous people’s culture or practices. She appealed for the collective support of local government units and local communities for such endeavor.

DOE – REMB Geothermal Energy Management Division Chief Engr. Ariel Fronda said the geothermal energy potential study they will be conducting will only include a geological and geochemical survey. This means that they will only be collecting rock, soil and water sample for laboratory testing and when results warrant a geophysical testing, they will again meet and talk with local stakeholders for such purpose.

He disclosed that aside from confirming if their area is a possible geothermal energy resource , the study will also provide information on how the localities and stakeholders can better manage the presence of geothermal resources, as well as on the possible threat it may bring, if there may be.

During the forum, DOE provided presentations on the basics of geothermal energy as well as the DOE Geothermal Resource Inventory and Assessment program for the current six geothermal sites.



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