DPWH-LKDEO ranks 7th nationwide


TABUK CIY, Kalinga  – The Department of Public Works and Highways–Lower Kalinga District Engineering Office (DPWH-LKDEO) is the only district engineering office (DEO) in the region that sustained its inclusion in the country’s top ten performing DEOs based on certain parameters, having placed seventh in terms of disbursement in the latest ratings issued by the agency.      DPWJ-LKDEO district engineer Ireneo S. Gallato explained that his office’s rank dropped by 3 notches compared to its 4th place ranking in terms of disbursement based on the overall rankings done by the agency on the performance of all the 183 DEOs around the country.

It will be recalled that the DPWH central office started rating the performance of its DEOS in terms of various parameters last May to empower the concerned offices to strive for the best in the implementation of their funded projects without sacrificing the quality of the projects implemented in their areas of jurisdiction.

Last May, the DPWH-LKDEO landed in 16th place in terms of disbursement nationwide, before placing 6th in the same parameter last June and 4th in the assessment done in July.

“We are grateful to our personnel and concerned stakeholders for their unwavering and uncompromising support in our efforts to improve our performance in the implementation of the funded infrastructure projects which we are mandated to accomplish within the year,” Gallato stressed.

The district engineer explained that the DPWH-LKDEO could have further improved its ranking in August unavoidable circumstances caused some downloaded funds to be deferred disbursements.

According to him, they will work double time in the coming months to ensure that all the downloaded funds for the payment of the accomplishment of contractors will be used up aside from making sure the projects to be implemented will be pursuant to prescribed project specifications and standards.

Gallato expressed his gratitude to barangay, municipal, city and provincial officials for their all-out support in the implementation of major infrastructure projects in the district as without them, the overall achievement of the office would not have been realized during the previous months.

He urged all stakeholders to continue supporting the initiatives of the district to ensure the timely implementation and completion of all the funded projects for implementation this year that will translate to a better pace of development for the province.

DPWH-LKDEO covers Tabuk City Pinukpuk and Rizal towns after the former Kalinga district Engineering Office (KDEO) was divided into two districts over a year ago through the initiative of former Kalinga Rep.  Manuel S. Agyao.

He assured local officials and the people of the province that the DPWH-LKDEO will use its recent accomplishments and achievements as its inspiration in striving hard for the growth and development of the province to be able to attract the influx of businesses in the different parts of the province.



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