DPWH told to stop P5.5B Chico project

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Provincial officials and concerned government agencies urged the Department of Public Works and Highways – Lower Kalinga Engineering District (DPWH-LKED) to stop the implementation of the P5.5 billion lower Chico river flood control project pending the presentation and adoption of the master plan of the project by the Provincial Development Council.

In Resolution No. 01, series 2017 promulgated late last year, the concerned officials who signed the document stated that the preparation of a in-depth feasibility study and development of an appropriate master plan for the mega-dike project which will be participated in by the technical personnel of both the DPWH and local government units involved is necessary to ensure alignment of projects of both the national government and local governments and that all issues, concerns and actual circumstances on the ground must be appropriately addressed.

The resolution stated DPWH-LKED has already initiated implementing the said project last year, first by an initial fund of P100 million and recently bidded out P1.2 billion for the same project despite the alleged absence of a feasibility study and a master plan that might result to waste of government funds because of no proper and appropriate plan much more that there is no alleged social preparation conducted by the agency before the implementation of the mega project.

The concerned officials expressed its appreciation to the Lower Chico river flood control project and other flood control projects of the DPWH-LKED for it will forestall perennial flooding to farms and agricultural lands and even residential areas near the Chico river and other areas in Tabuk and nearby Pinukpuk town.

Although the concerned officials welcome the multi-billion project that will benefit the people of Kalinga, the resolution stipulated that it is the concern of provincial officials and representatives of concerned government agencies not to lose the opportunity of realizing the proposed mega-dike project by ensuring its proper, smooth and full realization through proper planning, social preparation and implementation.

The mega-dike project is expected to effectively and efficiently address the flooding of the 16 barangays of lower Tabuk City and 5 barangays of Pinukpuk that are located along the banks of the mighty Chico river that tend to result to significant damages to their sources of livelihood in the place.

The resolution was transmitted by the provincial government to the district, regional and central offices of the DPWH for their information, guidance and further needed action.

Among the key features of the mega-dike project is the construction of a 300-meter wide and 18-kilometer long flood control dike along the lower portion of the Chico river , the put up of an air strip, the identification of the ecotourism area and business center that will contribute and significantly improving the overall growth of the province’s and city’s tourism industry wherein there will be available jobs that will be created for the residents aside from the provision of sources of livelihood and economic activities for the people of Kalinga.



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