Driver found dead inside Container Van

A driver for a construction firm was found dead inside a container van used by workers of an aggregate firm.

Interview conducted by responding personnel of Station 10 with the owner/manager of the sand and gravel business located along Suello Village Circumferential Road, Baguio City, disclosed that in the morning of July 17, 2018, he proceeded to the area then heard some commotion of his workers about their co-worker identified as Salve Samdao Saga-ok, the victim, 25 years old, single, driver and a stay-in at the above stated place of incident, that they found him unresponsive and stiff.

They applied first aid but to no avail. Personnel of SOCO arrived at around 12:00 NN of same date and processed the scene.

Relatives of the victim decided not to subject the cadaver for autopsy as they are awaiting for their elders to conduct rituals prior removal of the victim’s cadaver from the scene.

BCPO spot report


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