Elected officials in two barangays take oath

BONTOC, Mountain Province –  In two separate occasions, newly elected and re-elected barangay officials of Talubin and Gonogon, both in this municipality, vowed to always serve with honesty, integrity, courtesy and dedication.

Elected barangay officials of Talubin opted to have their oath-taking on June 11, 2018 at Sitio Ban-ay, Talubin before hundred of villagers while elected barangay officials of Gonogon had their oath-taking at the barangay hall on June 14, 2018 instead of joining the mass oath-taking of elected barangay officials set on June 19, 2018.

Veteriano L. Dulay was re-elected as the Punong Barangay of Talubin while his barangay kagawad are Bobby Ceasar A. Ngollob, Antonio F. Lippaen, Eddie A. Managtag,  Henry Mangla-as, Juan C. Dalcogen, Rodolfo K, Pongchap and Pipito S. Manilang.

Barangay Gonogon Punong Barangay Rudy B. Gittabao was re-elected in the same position while the barangay kagawad are Oscar P. Dao-ayen, Ricardo S. Cabay, Elena B. Elwas,  Elpidio A. Baldo, Anastacio M. Basingao, Reynaldo B. Mangapan and Allan Peter L. Bannawi.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin C. Odsey who administered the oath-taking of the newly elected and re-elected barangay officials in Talubin highlighted the true meaning and essence of the word “Honorable” which is attached to the name of every elected official.

He mentioned that as “Honorable”, the officials must live by example in their communities; they must open their ears to listen and their eyes to see what the community needs; and they must be the first to solve any problems in their barangay.

“Always remember that public office is a public trust. Come afternoon of June 30, you will be holding office as barangay officials.  I challenge you to carry out your titles as Honorable with your commitment to do something for the common good of your kakailyan and your barangay,” the mayor remarked.

He also urged the villagers to support their barangay officials whom they have elected and put into position.

“You chose them to lead, but it does not mean that you would let them solve all the problems that may arise in the community. It does not mean that you let them implement all the programs. Your barangay officials shall take the lead, while the community must cooperate and participate. As one community, you are one big family supporting and helping each other,” Odsey added.

Municipal Local Government Operations Officer Jill F. Fa-ed supported the pronouncement of Mayor Odsey, emphasizing that as elected barangay officials, they have the big role in looking into the betterment of their barangay.

She added that the people chose and put them in their positions because they believe in their capabilities and capacities.

In response, elected barangay officials thanked Odsey and Fa-ed for reminding them of what and how it is to be a good public servant.

Also present during the oath-taking and community celebration in Barangay Talubin were Vice Mayor Eusebio S. Kabluyen, Sangguniang Bayan members Viola P. Okko, Rose C. Farnican, Alsannyster F. Patingan, Juan F. Chumacog, Alexandre C. Claver, Esteban O. Nguddo, Robert B. Dacyon and Alexander N. Fana-ang.

By Alpine L. Killa


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