Empowering Young Minds


We just concluded another batch of youth trainees today for the project I am blessed to be part of. We were given the chance to train 107 young people, 28 of them under my class, in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

The recognition ceremony has just concluded and as I write this, I am seated on the sidelines observing them as they go through their job internship interviews.

Ten days ago, they stepped into my class with faces of innocence and eagerness. Today, I see their faces beaming with joy and excitement. It is always heartwarming to see my trainees this way.

As they are about to approach their respective interviewers, they tell me they feel nervous. I told them, “It is normal to feel nervous. What is not normal is to give up. Because you are an achiever by nature.” I reflected, it is just right that they called their group “Team Achievers.”

It is my prayer, just like in all my other trainings, that these trainees – these young minds that we ought to empower – will continue to go for their goals, receive the right guidance and direction they need, and become the best version of themselves.

You – yes you – are a part of this cause. You may be directly influencing the young minds as a trainer, speaker, teacher, or a parent. Or you may be indirectly influencing them in your job as an accountant, driver, police officer or whatever.

You and I are called to help this new generation of leaders who will lead our community, our country, our world today and tomorrow. They may be a little different, weird at times, but that does not change that they are human, too. Maybe the difference lies in the generation that they grew up in, the technology that is available now, and the changed culture we are operating in – but still, anyone who has the heart to empower the young minds in their own right can and will make a difference in the lives of these future leaders.

Whatever you do right now, make it a part of your goal to touch the young people’s hearts in a positive – that is if you care enough to what the present and the future nation you want your children and grandchildren will live in.

(Chris Dao-anis, CPA, DTM – as an author, trainer and speaker – shares about leadership, high performance, communication, productivity and personal finance. For talks and trainings, email him at chrisdaoanis@gmail.com or visit his website www.chrisdaoanis.com.)


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