Farmer hangs self in Kapangan

KAPANGAN, Benguet – A farmer died after he hanged himself in a bamboo plantation near their shanty at Aso, Datacan, here, Tuesday.

Police authorities identified the victim as a 57 year-old, married, farmer and resident of Datakan, Kapangan, Benguet.

Initial police investigation showed the victim, who was allegedly under the influence of liquor, tried to burn their house but was pacified by his wife prior to the suicide attempt.

After a few moments, the victim tried to hit his wife and then immediately left their house without telling her where he is going.

The following day, his wife went to their shanty to feed their cow knowing that the victim did not do so but to her surprise, she saw the victim’s body nagging on a bamboo tree with a nylon cord looped around his neck.

The victim’s body was brought down by concerned residents but his wife opted not to subject his body to the required autopsy because she knew that she committed suicide as prior to his death as he had often been telling her that he will commit suicide whenever he was drunk.

By Dexter A. See


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