Government employees reminded to uphold public service

BONTOC, Mountain Province –Officials and employees of the Bontoc Local Government Unit (LGU) and national government agencies are reminded to continue upholding obedience, courtesy, integrity and efficiency as public servants.

In his sharing, Municipal Financial Consultant Manuel M. Imatong, who is also a pastor, read to the employees present during the Regular Monday Flag Raising Ceremonies on May 21, 2018 a verse from the bible that speaks of the example of employer and employee relationship.

He talked about Ephesians 6:5-9 which implies that the employees are to serve their masters or the top management as they would serve God; and that employers or the top management treat their employees as they would treat Christ.

Imatong also specified obedience, seriousness, sincerity, enthusiasm and efficiency- traits that every civil servants must uphold and possess.

“Let us serve to please our employers and not to disappoint them. Let us do our work with cooperation and not with argumentation. Let us do our job with integrity. Let us serve our top management or the bosses with consideration that our accomplishment is their accomplishment too and not with contempt,” Imatong added.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin C. Odsey in his message seconded the pronouncement of Imatong emphasizing that even the master and servant relationship is founded in the bible.

He affirmed that employee and employer relationship continues to flourish if the employee performs her/his job efficiently and effectively.

“It is the right of an employee to demand for her/his needs and benefits in the performance of his duties and responsibilities; while it is the obligation of the employer or the master to meet and give these demands and benefits. However, an employee must compensate the perks she/he received with accomplishment in her/his work,” the mayor remarked.

In a separate interview, the mayor challenged the government workers to always render genuine public service through dedication and commitment in their work and in serving the people.

“Let us not be satisfied in just completing eight hours work every day. We have to love our work, we have to enjoy our work and we have to put passion in everything that we do. Then and only then can we perform to the maximum level, Odsey stated.

Municipal Human Resource Management Officer Arlene F. Gasmeña supported the message of Imatong and Mayor Odsey, explaining that government employees have indicated in their Office Performance Commitment Rating (OPCR) and Individual Performance Commitment Rating (IPCR) their targets from January to June and July to December of every year which they are expected to accomplished and surpassed.

Gasmeña also reminded the government employees to abide with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) rules and regulations for government workers such as not under the influence liquor while on duty or during office hours, attendance to Regular Flag Raising Ceremonies and wearing of prescribed uniforms, among others.

By Alpine L. Killa



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