Healthy lifestyle to prevent mental health problems

BAGUIO CITY  – A mental health expert from the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGMC) Department of Psychiatry underscored that the practice of healthy lifestyle will help prevent individuals from contracting illnesses that will lead to mental disorders and compromise their ability to socialize and become productive citizens of the communities where they belong.

Dr. Lowell A. Rebucal, Medical Specialist II and Department Head of BGHMC’s Department of Psychiatry, said one of the primary causes of mental health problems among those seeking medical attention from them is stress, thus, the need for people to appropriately manage stress to prevent them from contracting mental that compromises their quality of life.

“The best thing that people can do is seek the appropriate advise from mental health experts whenever they are encountering some problems in managing stress and other problems in life because it is by inquiring on what to do that their condition will be evaluated and assessed by experts for the eventual medication and medical procedures that will be provided them,” Rebucal stressed.

The BGHMC official pointed out for those having difficulties in getting over previous experiences that continue to haunt them, they may visit the hospital’s psychiatry department for evaluation and assessment to work out how to use their said experiences to be able to move on with life and use their life learning experiences to hurdle their existing difficulties and sustain their productivity.

Further, he revealed that there are also medication that they could provide to individuals with symptoms of illnesses leading to possible mental health problems coupled with the use of the necessary medical procedures so that they will not end up as a problem to their family members, relatives and the community.

Rebucal admitted mental health problems are treatable once patients encountering symptoms of such illnesses seek immediate medical advice from experts to prevent them from eventually losing control of their emotions that will lead to serious complications.

Rebucal assured BGHMC’s psychiatry department is always open to receive inquires and render proper advice to anybody wanting proper guidance in managing stress and other similar problems that confront them so that their condition will be given the needed attention to combat future complications.

He claimed aside from healthy lifestyle, people must learn to use their previous bad experiences to advance their current living condition, eat the necessary nutritious food, be willing to move on in life and interact with the people not only in the workplace but also in the community where they belong.

Rebucal emphasized the best thing to do once encountering some problems in sleeping and eating is to immediately seek the advice of mental health experts before their condition worsens as there are minor procedures that can be taken to correct the said problems right from the start.

By Dexter A. See


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