ICT CLUB initiates activities vs. Drugs, Smoking, Cyberbullying

A 3-year school club of Pacday Quinio Elementary School marks another significant activities and programs for the month of October, 2018. Pacday Quinio ICT Club took an initiative in the fight against Drugs, Smoking and Cyberbullying. According to Jhun Dela Cruz, ICT Club President, there is a need to perform these activities to give information not only to the students but more importantly to the parents as well. The said program started last October 1 and a culminating program last on the 22nd and 23rd of the same month. The officers and members of the club made different campaign materials and gave fliers and brochures to the residents of Asin Road, Barangay. This was headed my Julian J. Alcabedos, Jr. (ICT Club Adviser), Bella S. Salingbay (SPG Adviser) and Dr. Remedios P. Quino, Principal of the School.

The main goal of the said club is to give information, awareness and prevention of possible sickness caused by the use of cigarette and illegal drugs. They strongly emphasized the support of this group to the advocacy of President Rodrigo Duterte about this campaigns.

They mentioned some of the diseases like lung cancer, tuberculosis and other respiratory ailments can harm the user and second and smoker which he said it is more fatal. He also added, illegal drugs may harm the people’s health especially the central nervous system and may cause negative effects to the user and to the community. This causes crimes like rape, theft, murder and many other related violence.

Alcabedos said that one of its objective is to stop cyberbullying. The officers and members are taught to inform the pupils the responsible use of ICT in school or at home. They also mention the possible effects of bullying and cyberbullying to their classmates and other people like depression and anxiety that might cause another serious problem if not solved.

Annually, the ICT Club initiates the activity in the school and the community. Other groups like SPG, SADAC, BSP, YES-o and SDRRM also joined hand in hand to have a successful project. This started last 2016 until present. Some of the activities of the club is logo making, Campaign materials making, Nutrition Typing Challenge which is all in line with the ICT I-LARO program.

Dr. Remedios P. Quino mentioned that last November 2017, during the 1st ICT Regional Summit held at Hongkong Hotel, Baguio City, the ICT I-LARO was awarded Third Place among the participating divisions like Abra, Apayao, Kalinga, Baguio City, Tabuk City, Mt. Province, Ifugao, at Benguet from Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School and ALS in . According to the proponent the dedication and active participation of the ICT Club members are the key in winning the said award. Kerren Jabuch T. Torres, Former ICT President (S.Y 2016-2017 & 2017-2018) led her teammates to perform well in accomplishing the tasks given.

According to Torres, the campaigns and programs like Clean and Green, Anti Drugs and Anti- Cyberbullying were done annually to remind people to become responsible to our actions. There are consequences in every negative acts that we made. The ICT Club also encourages the learners and teachers in making use of computers. One of the big projects of the club is the I.T@kbo Mo 2017 which is the first ICT Fun Run the in the Division of Baguio City and was also presented at the DCP Rapid Assessment at Pasig City last February 2018.




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