Ifugao multipler farm produces sheeps, goats

LAMUT, Ifugao  – Aside from raising chicken, cows and duck that are common in the Cordillera, the DA-LGU multiplier farm in Alfonso Lista is producing sheep and goats that local farmers can access and grow.

The multiplier farm is based at the Provincial Breeding Center in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao with a land area of 14.5 hectare. At present, some 100 sheep and goats are being raised in the farm.

The operation of the multiplier farm started last 2016 with funding support from the Provincial Government Unit and Department of Agriculture (DA). The multiplier farm was being managed by Antonio P. Taguilingon and five of his farm workers.

It is a breeding facility of sheep/goats to support local production of these livestock in the community and nearby provinces. Taguilingon said they supported sixteen successful small farmers raising sheep and goats. These farmers are also being monitored to account the status of the animals they raised.

Apart from the animals, part of the area that was developed is planted with forages (Napier grass), banana and legumes as an additional food for the sheep and goats. They dispersed twelve sheep and ten goats in their first production last 2016.

Taguilingon added that PHP 2 million has been provided for the development of the farm. PHP 1 million came from the Local Government Unit of Ifugao and another PHP 1 million from Department of Agriculture-CAR. The amount has been utilized in the construction of a new sheep house and the renovation of the existing buildings.

The sheep and goat multiplier farm is being developed and enhanced to meet current and future production demands.

By Herman Danis


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