Illegal CPLA recruitment slammed by Kalinga PPOC

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The Kalinga Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) strongly condemned the fraudulent and dastardly act of self-styled individuals and groups in allegedly exploiting the weaknesses or ignorance of some residents of the province illegally using the name of the Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army (CPLA) to advance their own personal interests or gain.

Under PPOC Resolution No. 01, series 2018, all local governments in the province were requested not to allow or issue permits to the dubious individuals and groups to use any government properties or facilities to pursue their recruitment which is not actually sanctioned by any government office.

Gov. Jocel C. Baac said that it was reported to the PPOC that there were individuals and groups claiming to be CPLA officers and members who had been allegedly illegally recruiting residents in the different barangays of the province to join their organization in exchange for a certain amount of money from their recruits with purported sugar-coated promises that enticed some individuals to join them.

Some of the PPOC members and relatives of those who were allegedly recruited by the self-styled CPLA officers confirmed the same during the body’s recent regular meeting and vouched to the truth of the purported illegal recruitment activities by the said individuals with questionable reputations.

Ironically, the PPOC pointed out that many residents of the different barangays were allegedly enticed to join the self-styled group because of the promise that by reason of their membership to the questionable organization, they will be given financial assistance, employment or position in the government, especially with the Philippine Army or they will be enlisted as part of the purported regional security force whenever the Cordillera will become an autonomous region or a separate  federal state.

However, representatives of the different government agencies, including the leadership of the Philippine Army and Philippine National Police, vehemently denied the authority given to the said individuals and groups to recruit and the presence of such offer from the national government and explained that their agencies have not forged any agreement or partnership with any private person or entity relative to recruitment of individuals or integration of CPLA to the Philippine Army or any law enforcement agencies of the government and that they have no knowledge as to any financial assistance coming from the government that will be given to members of the said organization, particularly to those newly recruited members.

The PPOC underscored that the dastardly act of the unscrupulous individuals and groups must be immediately stopped to protect the people from such fraudulent scheme that will surely have a negative impact to the lives of the people as well as to the development of the province which deserves condemnation so that other individuals will not imitate the unlawful and highly irregular recruitment activities.

Earlier, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus G. Dureza denied having authorized any individual or group in the region to conduct recruitment activities and promising to their recruits financial assistance, employment and integration with law enforcement agencies as well as being part of a regional security force. By HENT


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