Implementation of nat’l ID system backed

BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan expressed his all-out support to the implementation of the implementation of the Philippine Identification system that was recently signed into law by President Rodrigo R. Duterte to consolidate the various identification (ID) cards being issued by different government agencies.

The local chief executive said that Filipinos should first look into the positive effect of the unified ID system instead of viewing the negative aspect of the law considering that Filipinos will only have a single ID card which will be recognized by concerned government agencies that issued ID cards.

“We do not believe that the implementation of the national ID system will infringe into the privacy of Filipinos because the information that will be placed in the identification card to be issued to us are the basic information that are present in our existing ID card issued to us b various government agencies,” Domogan stressed.

He cited that in the driver’s license, passport and other ID cards issued to individuals by the different government agencies, what is evident is the name of the person, his or her address contact person in cases of emergency, birth date among other basic information that obviously do not infringe into the privacy of the individual since the privacy of  person is guaranteed under existing laws, rules and regulations.

According to him, it is important for the people to give the implementation of the unified Id system a chance for us to appreciate whatever its benefits and for us not to be burdened by the different ID cards being issued to individuals b the concerned government agencies as well as provide people with smooth access to the services being provided by the government agencies and the local governments.

Domogan claimed that it is important to consider that the ID to be issued to individuals under the national Id system will be recognized by the different government agencies that issue ID cards since the ID number of a person will serve as his or her permanent ID number that he could use in dealing with the agencies and even with the local government for whatever purpose.

He pointed out that it  is unfortunate that there are some individuals and groups who view the implementation of the national ID system as an infringement to the privacy of persons which actually is not supposed to be the case that is why the best thing to do is to allow the smooth implementation of the system before criticizing the same since the government is inclined to provide the people with efficient and effective services that will help in allowing them to have ease in transacting business with the government.

Earlier, President Duterte signed into law the implementation of the Philippine Identification system which is geared to unify all the identification systems being currently undertaken by various agencies to come out with a unified ID system that will contain the basic information of Filipinos which will be the one that will be used in all government transactions.

Domogan said that the local government will await the implementing rules and regulations that will be issued by the office of the President on how the unified Id system will be implemented o ensure the ease of transacting business with the government.

By Dexter A. See

Banner photo: Sample National ID from Philippine News Agency


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