Judo Competitions in Batang Pinoy set

BAGUIO CITY – The Philippine Judo Federation (PJF) this week announced the final rules and regulations concerning the 2018 Batang Pinoy Judo Competitions sponsored by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) which will be hosted by the Local Government of Baguio City.

According to PJF President Dave Carter and General Secretary Luleo Panganiban, through communications received by the Cordillera Judo Association (CJA), Judo event competitions is scheduled on September 15-20 2018, with the following event activities: Orientation of International Judo Federation (IJF) new rules (2017-2018), deadline for confirmation of entries, meeting of delegation and referees, and competition drawing of lots and official weigh-in of players on September 15-16, 2018.

Random weigh-in for players will be done before preliminary bouts and semi-final bouts on the following days. First bouts to be staged will be Kids division for boys and girls 12 years old and below, boys -42 Kgs. – -60 Kgs and girls -40 – -57 kgs., Juvenile division boys and girls 13-15 years old from -34 Kgs. – -73 Kgs. for boys and -32 Kgs. – -70 Kgs. for girls will be staged September 17-18, 2018, while Juvenile Team events will be staged September 19-20, 2018.

Eligibility of participants to the multi-sports competition is 15 years old and below and shall be classified under two groups; under 13 and 13-15 years old. All athletes must be official representatives of a delegation representing a province, chartered city, or municipality and can only represent in one LGU.

An athlete representing an LGU should also have resided in his/her represented LGU for at least two years and presumed to meet the residency requirement unless proven otherwise through a formal protest by any party.

Included sports events in the Batang Pinoy are; archery, arnis de mano, athletics, badminton, boxing, chess, dancesport, karate do, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, baseball, basketball, pencak silat, sepak takraw, tennis and volleyball(indoor & beach).Other sports events that includes cycling, gymnastics, judo, rugby football, triathlon, weightlifting, wrestling, and wushu, are to be played during the Batang Pinoy National Finals.



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