Kibungan intensifies anti-moma campaign

KIBUNGAN, Benguet— Apart from its active participation in the government all-out war against illegal drugs, several Benguet towns are also waging a no-nonsense all-out campaign against irresponsible chewing of betel quid known as ‘moma’ which has been increasingly patronized by many young and old locals.

In Kibungan town, for example, the local government unit joined forces with the public schools to discourage students from being addicted to chewing ‘moma’ because of its harmful effects to personal hygiene and oral health notwithstanding its unfavorable effects to sanitation in the community.

In a recent symposium at the Kibungan National High School, local officials and educators took turns in advising students to refrain from chewing ‘moma’ pointing out its negative effects not only to dental health but also to the environment due to the improper disposal of sputum and betel quid paraphernalia.

The symposium is part of the activities of the schools to promote oral health and wellness dubbed as ‘Project Smile’ which the local government also maximized to intensify its information education campaign regarding the implementation of Municipal Ordinance No. 44 s. 2014 regulating the chewing of ‘moma’ in the municipality.

Councilor Susan Atayoc, one of the main authors of said ordinance, zeroed in on the legal basis and the corresponding penalties for violations saying that almost all local government units in Benguet have their “anti-moma” ordinance indicating that chewing betel quid becomes a serious concerns in the province.

By Spencer C. Dao-anes


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