Kids experienced an Eco-Walk at the Busol watershed

ECO-WALK – Small World Christian Foundation pre-schoolers and Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) grantees who acted as the children’s guides learn about the importance of forests in the eco-system during an Eco-Walk at the Busol watershed.

Photo by: Aileen Refuerzo.

In one instance, the children inspected a mushroom they found along the trail during their Eco-Walk at the Busol watershed as part of their interactive learning activity.

The children hiked to their muyong escorted by the SPES grantees who were assigned at the watershed. Schools or entities wishing to undergo the Eco-Walk experience may contact the Public Information Office at tel no. 442-2502. –

Photo by: Aileen Refuerzo.

By: Aileen Refuerzo.


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