Lang-ay 2018 to feature innovations   

Bontoc, Mtn. Province – To give meaning of lang-ay, tourists and locals will be treated to a variety of indigenous foods, brewed coffees and fruit wines during the Lang-ay by the Street and Lang-ay Night on April 6, 2018, at the center of the capital town of Bontoc.

A stretch of the national road of the capital town will be closed, from road intersection, beside the shell station to rotonda, in the afternoon till midnight for the activities.    Private sector along with ten municipalities of the province will be displaying indigenous foods, fermented drinks, wines and beverages free of charge for the crowd to taste from 2:00- 5:00PM only.

A surprised food from the municipality of Sabangan will be soon displayed for the public consumption after the municipality of Besao opted to showcase their biggest/longest linappet for the next succeeding Lang-ay Festivals.

It was to be noted that the biggest patopat of the Bontoc Market Vendors (BOMARVA) had elicited commends from the public who partook the said patopat.

In the evening of the same day will be the Lang-ay Night event. Foods, drinks, wines and beverages including products from the business establishments will be sold amidst the sounds from the local bands which will render a free concert.

Booths will be stalled to both sides of the said road for the different municipalities and the privates sectors to sell their products.

According to Lang-ay Activities’ Committee, booths will be given priority to the private industry who offered their products free of charge during the Lang-ay by the Street. All other booths will be given for a first come first serve basis.

In the latest conference of the Municipal Tourism Action Officers and Municipal Coordinators for Lang-ay including some private sector last March 13, 2018, it was agreed that no hard liquors will be allowed during the affair for security reason.

A stage beside the shell station will be installed for local band performers. Band from the town’s folk houses are also invited to perform.

These events are one of the innovations made for this year’s Lang-ay Festival.

By Alfred Macalling


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