LGUs as PhilHealth collection agents urged

LUNA, Apayao  – The Regional Development Council (RDC) in the Cordillera approved a resolution earnestly encouraging provincial, city and municipal local government units (LGUs) in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) to apply as LGU-accredited collecting agents for Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) premium collections.

The region’s policy-making body stated increasing LGU revenues as well as expanding the coverage of insurance to as many Cordillerans as possible is consistent with the thrust and priorities of the Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2017-2022, particularly on ensuring people-centered governance and accelerating human development.

The RDC-CAR’s development administration committee endorsed the enactment of the resolution encouraging LGUs to apply as accredited collection agents during its meeting last August 18, 2017, to guarantee additional sources of revenues for local governments while maximizing the coverage of people in terms of health insurance.

The PhilHealth, a government-owned and controlled corporation organized and existing by virtue of Republic Act (RA) 7875 as amended by RA 9241 and RA 10606, is mandated by the State to adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to health development for all people at affordable cost and to provide free medical care to paupers through a socialized insurance program.

Further, Philhealth is empowered by its Charter to seek the services of service contractors to assist in the discharge of its functions, including the collection of premium contributions from its members and premium contributions from for the national health insurance program from all private and government sector employees and workers and other members are, under the law, required to be remitted regularly to the State insurance corporation.

Section 11 of the implementing rules and regulations of the National Health Insurance Act or RA 7875, as amended by RA 9241 and RA 10606, state that remittance of contributions shall be mandatory to all members, which shall be made to PhilHealth Offices or any of the accredited collecting agents.

As a result of the efforts of PhilHealth-CAR, the RDC-CAR noted there are currently 6 functional LGU-accredited collecting agents in the region, a number which needs to be increased to cover possibly all LGUs in the region and to guarantee maximum registration of the people to the government’s health insurance program.

The RDC-CAR stipulated LGUS as accredited collecting agents will result to benefit the said local governments through reduced travel time and expenses to benefit the LGUs for members paying their remittances; additional revenue for the LGUIs that will redound to better and more social services among others.

Copies of the approved resolution will be transmitted to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation central and regional offices and all local governments in the Cordillera for their information, guidance and further needed action for the enrolment of their local governments as accredited collecting agents of the health insurance corporation in the future.



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