LHRMH now exceeding bed capacity

BAUKO, Mountain Province – The administration of the State-run Luis Hora Regional Memorial Hospital (LHRMH) confirmed that it is now exceeding its mandated 100-bed capacity in terms of in-patients and out-patients wanting to avail of the hospital’s improving and increasing health services.

LHRMH medical chief Dr. Eduardo Calpito revealed from its prescribed 100-bed capacity, in-patients being cared by the hospital reach up to 130 to 150 a day thus management is constrained to use the corridors to accommodate the confined patients.

On the other hand, he added that the hospital’s out-patient department serves more than 300 patients a day which is over its mandated capacity of 250 to 260 patients for a single day and the hospital had to hire the services of 5 additional medical doctors on job order basis to fill up the widening gap.

“Health is one of the basic needs of our people that is why the government continues to invest in the put up and expansion of government health facilities around the country. We have to cater to the patients seeking medical attention and we are doing our best to attend to them seeking ways to remedy the situation especially when there is a surge in both in and out-patients seeking help from us,” Calpito stressed.

The LHRMH official claimed adjustments have to be made by the administration to serve patients so that their time, effort and resources in patronizing the services of the regional hospital will not be wasted.

According to him, there is already a pending proposal in Congress to increase the hospital’s bed capacity to 200 to accommodate the increasing number of individuals seeking medical attention from the facility, thus, there will also be a subsequent increase in health personnel and the units of equipment to further advance the state of service offered by the hospital.

He attributed the continuous increase in the patients seeking medical attention in the hospital to the availability of relevant services and the fact that government hospitals are now at par with private hospitals or even tertiary hospitals based in urban centers of the country.

Calpito assured the people of Mountain Province and those living in nearby provinces of the Ilocos and Cagayan Valley regions that the hospital administration will continue to exert all available efforts to sustain the gains of delivering quality health care services to them and they are ready to provide the needed services, except in times where there are reported extraordinary cases that need to be referred to tertiary hospitals nearest the facility.

LHRMH is a second level health facility based on the standards imposed by the health department that caters to the health care requirements of the people of Mountain Province and other provinces in northern Luzon.



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