LT Tapped housewives for Neighborhood Watch

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Housewives from the town’s sixteen barangays were tapped by the La Trinidad Municipal Police Station (LTMPS) to be part of the institutionalized Neighborhood Watch, a multi-stakeholder anti-crime program, to help in improving the peace and order situation in the locality.

LTMPS head Chief Inspector Benson Macliing pointed out that housewives were chosen to form the integral part of the town’s Neighborhood Watch because they are the ones who are familiar with the people and visitors in their neighbourhood, thus, they will be able to report to the concerned authorities individuals who are suspicious-looking in their places which will be the subject of investigation by the law enforcers.

“Crime rate in La Trinidad have been declining over the past two years because of our aggressive anti-crime, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism initiatives coupled with the overwhelming support of the local government and the people who want lasting peace to prevail in the municipality,” Macliing stressed.

He claimed that the town’s crime rate dropped by over 30 percent because of the government’s aggressive anti-drug campaign coupled with the intensified police visibility in most parts of the locality that served as a deterrent to the commission of crimes by lawless elements, thus, the need for law enforcers to sustain such accomplishment for the benefit of residents and tourists alike.

Earlier, the local government institutionalized the establishment of a Neighborhood Watch, a multi-sectoral anti-criminality program, to contribute in empowering concerned sectors to extend assistance in deterring the commission of crimes in the different barangays.

Macliing explained that the Neighborhood Watch provides residents in the different barangays the chance to be on guard and help deter the commission of crimes in their places by reporting to the concerned authorities the presence of suspicious-looking persons in their neighborhood and instances when crimes are being committed or about to be committed for proper action by the law enforcers.

LTMPs has been recently awarded as the Best Municipal Police Station among the 1,489 towns in the country aside from reaping local and regional awards in various aspects of law enforcement and peacekeeping.

According to Chief Inspector Macliing, the smooth implementation of the various anti-criminality, peacekeeping and anti-terrorism programs of the LTMPS was achieved because of the overwhelming support extended by the municipal government led by Mayor Romeo Salda and the residents of the 16 barangays who were instrumental in providing vital information that resulted to the thwarting of crimes by lawless elements.

Aside from housewives, the police officials disclosed that other members of the Neighborhood Watch include barangay officials, barangay tanods, barangay peacekeeping action team (BPAT) members, senior citizens, members of the women’s brigade, youth, businessmen among other concerned individuals who value the importance of peace and order in the municipality. By HENT


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