LT to purchase 2 more garbage trucks

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet  – The local government will be purchasing two additional garbage trucks that will be part of the town’s current fleet of garbage trucks to improve the efficiency and effectivity of the concerned offices in the collection of the generated waste from the sixteen barangays.

Mayor Romeo Salda said that aside from being used as alternate trucks to haul out garbage from the municipality to the Urdaneta sanitary landfill, the 2 additional trucks will also serve as collection trucks so that the generated waste in the barangays will not pile up that will create a bigger problem for the local government.

“We have to provide additional garbage trucks for our collectors to guarantee the timely collection of generated waste from our barangays because we do not want garbage to simply pile up and be an eye sore in public places around the locality,” Salda stressed.

The local chief executive claimed the local government is fastracking the completion of the Alno controlled dumpsite’s cell number 3 so that the hauling of garbage to the Urdaneta landfill will stop and the facility will be used as its garbage disposal site.

The municipal government started hauling out its residual waste to the Urdaneta sanitary landfill since the middle of September to date wherein some P1.2 million is being spent for the tipping fees of the volume of garbage being brought to the landfill site.

According to him, the local government is maximizing the utilization of its 2 available trucks to haul out the generated waste from the barangays to the Urdaneta landfill that is why the local government is only spending for the tipping fees of the volume of garbage being brought to the garbage disposal facility.

Salda appealed to residents to cooperative in the implementation of the segregation of garbage at source to help in significantly reducing the volume of residual waste being hauled out of the municipality so that substantial funds could be saved and could be re-allocated to fund the implementation of the local government’s various programs and projects beneficial to the greater interest of the people in the town.

La Trinidad was one of the first local governments to have a controlled dump facility with the timely establishment of the Alno controlled dump facility but its first two cells were already filled up with the huge volume of garbage generated by the people living in the 16 barangays.

Mayor Salda expressed optimism that the on-going completion of the controlled dump facility’s cell number 3 will be completed early next year so that the on-going hauling of waste to Urdaneta will be stopped.

He added the budgetary requirements for the purchase of the additional 2 garbage trucks had been provided that is why he will try to work on the conduct of public bidding so that the trucks will be available the soonest to be used in improving the garbage collection in the barangays and the subsequent hauling of garbage outside the locality to abate the occurrence of garbage crisis in the locality.



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