Lubo tribe assures no retaliation in murder of 2 farmers

TABUK CITY, Kalinga  – Elders of the Lubo tribe and members of the family of two brothers who were previously gunned down by some members of the Tulgao tribe committed to municipal and provincial officials that they will not seek revenge for the untimely demise of their tribesmen provided that the remaining suspect will be given up by his fellow tribesmen.

Tanudan Mayor Johnwell Tiggangay said the family members of the murdered brothers already assured to him that they will not avenge the loss of the two persons and that they will await the action of the Tulgao tribesmen in facilitating the surrender of the suspect who is now at large.

Further, he added that since double murder charges were already filed against the two gun-wielding suspects who belong to the Tulgao tribe and a warrant of arrest was already issued against the suspect who is at large, then the case is also considered a police matter wherein he will be subjected to manhunt operation aside from the fact that he is also being located by his fellow tribesmen for them to surrender him to the authorities and answer for the crime he committed.

Gov. Jocel C. Baac underscored the fact that the peace and order situation in the province is still within the control of the provincial government and law enforcement authorities even after the commission of the crime.

He lauded the decision of the family members and elders of the Lubo tribe in not seeking a revenge for the loss of two brothers, saying that such action is already a good gesture on their part, thus, the other involved tribe, which is the Tulgao, tribe must do their part in working out the surrender of the remaining suspect so that negotiations could already start for the possible peaceful settlement of the case.

“We applaud the decision of the family members and elders of the Lubo tribe in not taking the law into their own hands because we have the sufficient mechanisms that are in place and are at work to avert the situation from going beyond out of control. We also are grateful to the elders of the Tulgao tribe for exerting their efforts in locating the whereabouts of the remaining suspect for them to voluntarily surrender him to the concerned authorities,”Baac stressed.

Vice Governor James Edduba disclosed that one of the peacepact holders of the Tulgao tribe is in Tinglayan to locate the whereabouts of the suspect while another peacepact holder is based in the city to coordinate and facilitate the possible surrender of the said individual.

Edduba asserted concerned authorities that efforts are being done by the elders of the Tulgao tribe to locate the suspect and facilitate his surrender for the eventual settlement of the case.

It can be recalled that the suspect was reportedly released from the National Bilibid Prison in 2015 after being sentenced to suffer imprisonment through the intervention of a former provincial official now working with the National Bureau of investigation (NBI) and that the said official took the cudgels of facilitating his surrender but up to now, he remains at large.

Provincial officials are contemplating on failing charges of obstruction of justice against the former provincial official for his failed commitment in supposedly working out the surrender of the one of the two suspects who is at large. By HENT


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