Malcolm Square barangay officials want appointed bocap

BAGUIO CITY  – Barangay kagawads of Malcolm Square passed a resolution requesting Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan and City Director Evelyn B. Trinidad of the Department of the Interior and Local government (DILG) Baguio field office to appoint an officer-in-charge of their barangay due to the alleged failure of Punong Barangay William Domogen to perform his duties and responsibilities without any justifiable reason.

In Barangay Resolution No. 25, series of 2017 signed by barangay kagawads Mobarack Muripaga, Mohamad P. Hadji Omar, Malik Sultan, Raffy Hassan and Emran Baniaga, the body decided to file the needed disciplinary action against the alleged erring barangay official for him to be compelled to act on the problem or else he will have to relinquish his position.

Based on the approved resolution, one of the missions of Malcolm Square barangay is to provide speedy and timely delivery of basic services as efficiently and effectively to their constituents.

However, the resolution stated that due to the alleged continuous absences of the newly appointed Punong Barangay Domogen without official leave of absence since September 2017 to the present, the barangay council deemed it necessary to call the attention of the concerned offices of the local government and the national government agency to act on the matter considering the urgency of the problem.

The barangay resolution was forwarded to the concerned offices of the local government and the DILG Baguio field office for information, guidance, ready reference and appropriate action on the pressing matter.

It can be recalled that Domogen assumed the post of punong barangay of Malcolm Square after the duly elected punong barangay resigned from her position several months ago due to reported personal issues.

Previously, Domogen served as punong barangay of Malcom Square for several terms before opting to run for barangay kagawad as he was restricted by the 3-term rule to again seek-re-election and that he was re-elected as the top barangay kagawad during the October 2013 barangay elections.

Aside from his alleged failure to perform his assigned duties and responsibilities for several months now, Domogen was also issued a demand letter by the Commission on Audit (COA) for his to submit to the Commission the pertinent documents for various transactions undertaken by the barangay from August to October this year and that he was given 15 days to do so and the non-submission of the required documents after due demand shall be a ground for the preparations of the COA Auditor’s advise to the authorized government depository bank holding further payments of checks issued by the barangay.

In a statement of audit suspensions, disallowances and charges found in the audit of various transactions of the barangay, the COA found out that the barangay incurred suspensions and disallowances amounting to P703,010.00 based on the notice of suspension or notice of disallowance or notice of charge issued by the Commission to the said barangay.

By Dexter A. See


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