Mayor to review Burnham carnival proposal

BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio Domogan will study the proposal to operate carnival rides at a portion of Melvin Jones at Burnham Park as approved last Monday by the City Council.

“We have to review the proposal because we have to make sure that it will contain purely family-oriented entertainment.  If it includes bingo and other games of chance, then no, by all means, we will not allow it,” the mayor said.

The City Council approved the carnival proposal of Linked-in Corp. but imposed several conditions including the change in the proposed dates and venue.

Company president Belzasar Ola originally proposed the project to be part of the Panagbenga activities to be held in month of February and with a portion of the Ibaloi Heritage Park also at Burnham Park as its location.

The Body however approved Melvin Jones at its site due to the opposition lodged against the use of the Ibaloi area and set the duration at 90 days beginning March 5 as part of the Summer in Baguio activities instead of the Panagbenga.

The other conditions set are that the organizer should post a bond to answer for damages in the area pursuant to the City Environment Code, submit the final lay-out of all the rides and amenities, fence the area for the protection of the clients and maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the area for the duration of the operation.

The organizer should also make sure that no gambling activities will be allowed in the area of operation and that it will pay the P500,000 lease amount and all other permit obligations before the start of the operation.

Councilor Edgar Avila who abstained from voting expressed reservation over the choice of Melvin Jones as venue.

“Our problem with Melvin Jones is that again, the issue on parks being beyond the commerce of man,” he said citing that an injunction is still in effect prohibiting commercial activities in the area.

Ola said they will use only a small portion of Melvin Jones for the operation.

In his offer, Ola proposed to operate carnival rides, finger food booths, fun games, mini-musical concert, stand-up comedians, singing, dance and beauty contests.

He said Linked-in Corp. is a “renowned trade fair/bazaar and carnival rides organizer duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

By Aileen P. Refuerzo


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