Mayor warns permanent closure of Burnham carnival site

BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan warned the carnival operator in Burnham Park that the local government will be constrained to permanently close its operation if the management will refuse to comply with the safety requirements.

The local chief executive explained that what was earlier authorized was the operation of other games that are considered safe while the unsafe rides must be certified safe by an expert before it will be allowed to resume operation.

“We are disappointed to learn that the operation of the rides that were found to be unsafe already started operations when the operator was not able to present the required safety certificate from an expert. We have reiterated to the operator that the rids that were found to be unsafe should not resume operation until certified safe,” Domogan stressed.

Last week, the mayor ordered the temporary closure of the carnival operation after most of the existing rides were found to be unsafe by experts from the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) who recommended that the operator institute the appropriate measures to correct the defects of its rides before the resumption of its operation.

Among the uncovered defects on the rides in the carnival site include the use of pin nails instead of volts, use of rotten wood, leaking oil, unlevelled base, absence of safety seatbelts for the rides, and old materials used in the area.

According to him, the local government cannot compromise the safety of the public patronizing the available amusement rides within the children’s playground that is why the operator was reminded to make sure that the rides are safe for use so as not to ruin the visit of the people to the park.

Earlier, the local legislative body authorized the Manila-based carnival operator to operate amusement rides in a portion of the children’s playground for a period of 90 days to provide the public with added entertainment in Burnham Park.

The earlier proposed site for the carnival operation was at the Melvin Jones football ground but the same was outrightly rejected until such time that the operator was able to be convinced to establish the amusement rides in the children’s playground.

Domogan emphasized it was clear in his letter to the operator that the existing amusement rides should be issued the appropriate certificate of safety by an accredited safety expert before it will be allowed to resume operation to ensure that the public patronizing the rides will be protected from whatever untoward incidents that will compromise their safety in the future.

He added the CBAO should continue monitoring the operation of the amusement rides and make sure that those that are not yet certified as safe will not be allowed to operate while the existing games that do not pose a threat to the safety of the public will be allowed to operate in the area.

Under the existing agreement, the operator is mandated to pay to the local government some P500,000 as rental for the use of the portion of the children’s playground for the 3-month carnival operation which was authorized by the local legislative body pursuant to an approved resolution.

By Dexter A. See


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