Missing Carpenter found dead in Tineg river

TINEG, Abra – The cadaver of a 58-year old carpenter who was reported missing at the height of Tropical Cyclone Rosita was recovered by police operatives and members of a local search and  retrival team after it was found floating in the Binongan river at sitio Magappa, Aloa, here, Saturday.

Police authorities identified the recovered cadaver as that of Venancio Vicencio Villaruz 58, married, carpenter, and a resident in Poblacion, Lacub, Abra..

Initial police investigation showed that concerned residents saw the victim’s lifeless body that was floating on the river that prompted police operatives to organize a search and rescue team to retrieve the same for possible identification.

The victim was said to have been missing since October 30, 2018 after he was allegedly swept by the strong water current of the Binongan river at Poblacion, Lacub, Abra at the height of the wrath of Tropical Cyclone Rosita.

The recovered cadaver was turned over by the elements of the Tineg Municipal Police Station to the members of his family for him to be given a decent wake and burial in their residence in nearby Lacub town.

By Dexter A. See


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