MP sectors criticize squid tactics versus school

BONTOC, Mountain Province  – Vigilant sectors in the province recently criticized the attempts of some quarters in the State-run Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPSPC) in unduly maligning its officers and undermining the gains of the higher education institution through unfounded, baseless and fabricated allegations.

Sources, who preferred not to be identified for fear of reprisal from those involved in the issue, claimed there are some individuals inside the institution who are now resorting to squid tactics and anonymous attacks through a fictitious social media account and using the questionable blind item of a local publication just to create a negative perception against the school and its officers just for them to gain support for their obvious desire to discredit whoever will be leading the government school.

“The people of Mountain Province are not cowards like the ones who are spreading false information against the institution. Hiding under the guise of anonymity is a sign of being a coward that is why people have already been tired of mudslinging that tend to affect the overall image of the school,” the source stressed.

The source added it is unfortunate that the social media account created by the attack dogs of certain camps in the province represent the initials of a school official which illustrates their desire to divide school officials for them to advance their own personal and political interests that will again taint a bad image of the institution but there are vigilant sectors in the province who are observing what is going on and waiting the right time to intervene and prevent personal interests from prevailing over the greater interest of the students and the general public.

According to the sources, the concerned sectors do not want MPSPC to go back to its dark days that resulted to the dismissal of a good number of its officials and employees and that most of them are satisfied over the efforts of the present administration under the leadership of Dr. Rexton Chakas to pursue the aspirations of former leaders of the province to improve its status and make it as one of the future universities in the Cordillera.

The sources asserted that stakeholders of the institution and the people recovered from the dark days of the school that is why the present administration is aggressive in doing its job to continue working on its gains that will translate to the delivery of quality education to the students and the training of future responsible and dedicated leaders whose overall objective is to move the status of the institution and the province to greater heights.

The sources also observed that there are few social media enthusiasts who are interested in the fake news posted in a Facebook account and it is best for people to be vigilant and be updated on what are the latest developments in the institution.



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