MP Tourism staff validates tourist attractions in the west

BONTOC, Mountain Province  – The personnel of the Provincial Tourism Office validated existing and new tourist attractions in the western municipalities of the province starting from August to December 2017.

Last August 30 2017, the staff went to Tadian to see the Layog Farm and the Singing Jar and others.

The Layog Farm is the first accredited as agri-tourism site by the Department of Tourism then as an agri-learning site by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI-CAR) and the Department of Trade and Industry it being a sprawling 25-hectare area with a garden, livestock production, fruit trees, and cottages for tourists.

The singing jar, owned by the family of Rex Wanget, Barangay Captain of Bunga who said that the ware was handed down from generations until at present, is of Chinese origin and can produce sound, a melody, but can be discriminating to some people.

Last November 9, the group went to Sagada to see the sunrise at Kiltepan, Echo Valley, hanging coffins, St. Mary the Virgin Church, and the Lumyang Cave then on November 14 – 15, they proceeded to Malboro Country, Blue Soil, Bumud-ok falls, the Fedilisan Rice Terraces, and the Bokong falls.

Francis Degay, the leader of the group, said that they have to validate the sites to ascertain developments, possible provisions of facilities, and improvements of the access with the end in view of improving tourist arrivals to the sites.

Last November 16, the ground proceeded to Tadian to validate the Binaybay si Kabunian, Poy-asan Falls, Giant Frog Rock and Ub-ubanan Falls, all in Masla.

The wonderful Mt. Oona was the site to behold on November 17, as the group climbed the mountain until the peak entering from Data where the surrounding barangays of Sabangan, some of Bauko, and Tadian can be viewed.

On December 4-5, the group validated Toktok Allan and Layaan Cave in Abatan, Cotcot Aso, and Spanish trail in Bagnen Proper and the Mount Polis and Capnay House in Bagnen Oriente, the Healing Cave and World War II Airfield in Balintaugan.

The group went back to Tadian on December 7 to validate the Pandayan Rice Terraces in Lenga, the Enchanted Eel in Cagubatan, and Gawaan Lake, among others.

The stone calendar in Gueday, Lake Banao for Besao and Lake Danum for Sagada, pottery-making and souvenir shops in Sagada was the next destination for the group on December 8.

On December 12, the group went to validate the Marky Cielo Shrine and Mount Data Hotel in Sinto, the Cada vegetable farms, and Mount Bandilaan in Pactil, Monamon Sur.

The group will validate the attractions in Bontoc this month.

According to Tyronne Lawey, a staff at the tourism office, they will report on the validation results and assessments of these tourism attractions.

By Roger Sacyaten


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