My DAP Experience (Part 2)

Graduating from a Diploma Course at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) is a distinct honor. Just to give you a brief introduction, the Public Management Development Program (PMDP) is divided into two. The Senior Executive Class (SEC) and Middle Management Class (MMC). I was part of the SEC Batch 6. Our professors are distinguished professors at UP and some Prominent Figures in key sectors of the Philippine Society.

And I would like to do my part in advocating lifetime learning. So this is one way of promoting and encouraging interested individuals to consider this program in their academic plans. Details of the program and its requirements are available in the DAP website. I assure everybody that the experience is worthwhile. It will reinvigorate your sense of public service and waking you up to the realization that you can still do more and greater things for the country.

I might as well take this opportunity as my means of saying thank you to everybody who is responsible and became part of my adventure in this endeavor and in my exposure to the different areas of learning including the sensing journey in Magdalena, Laguna and the foreign study in Thailand.

First on my long list is CDA Chairman Orlando R. Ravanera for supporting me especially in the approval all the needed paper works without any questions asked. Executive Director Ray R. Elevazo for urging me to go to DAP despite my reluctance. My Assistant Director Leticia S. Cayanos and the entire CDA-CAR Personnel, for holding the fort while I’m on study.

The DAP Family headed by OIC President Magdalena Mendoza for coming with this one of a kind program for senior executives and middle managers in the government sector. Our Class Director Ms. Liza Ines Antonio, for knowing how to manage a class composed of “millennials” including her class management team who are very helpful all the way until the oral presentation and final submission of the Capstone Paper.

My wife Amy, for literally pushing me out of the door so I can take the ride to Tagaytay. My daughter Zayinnah, who keep on asking why I have to go to school in faraway Tagaytay which my answer never satisfied her.

My classmates, Class Dakila, for knowing every one of you. You are the best classmates ever. Who said, we cannot learn while having fun? And a Special mention to Dr. Amelita Macliing-Pangilinan of DOH-CAR who graciously offered a regular ride to and from the school and of course, Ray Pre, her driver.

Above all, to the Almighty God, who is responsible in giving me the wisdom, the protection while on travel to several destinations, the good health and the best life ever. He made it all happen.


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