NBA records we would love someone attempt to break

The NBA season is about to start. As records were established during the league’s rich history over the years, some of them held the test of time, and now became almost imaginably impossible to break:

Here’s are some records that I consider almost next to impossible to break but would love to see some players and teams try go after:

1. Highest single-season scoring average ever: 50.36. Wilt “The Stilt” holds the top four single-season scoring averages in NBA history, and no player has even come close to his record setting 1961–62 season. Over the last 25 years, the highest per game scoring average that came the closest (not really!) was Kobe Bryant’s 35.4 points per game in 2005–06.

2. Most points in a single game high: 100. Chamberlain had six career games with 70 or more points, and no other player in league history has had more than one. None were more impressive than his 100-point effort on March 2, 1962, though. The next closest single-game scoring total has been Bryant’s 81-point performance on January 22, 2006.

It would be a sight to behold when James Harden tries to break these two Wilt Chamberlain scoring records while under Mike D’Antoni’s system.

Harden is in the perfect system to take a stab against these ones. D’Antoni like his team to take a shot within eight seconds and the style to win games is basically to outshot the opponent. It is unlikely that Harden will attain this but it would be fun if he did while still leading the Rockets to wins.

3. Longest winning streak: 33 games. The 1971–72 Los Angles Lakers were undefeated 33 straight games. Even the 73-game season Golden State Warriors couldn’t top this one.

While it is true the current NBA set-up is simply too competitive for a team to go on what would amount to a two-month winning streak, what fun would it be if the Warriors or the Boston Celtics, two teams that, when healthy, can realistically go on a hot streak and take a stab at this record.

With the advent of heavier reliance on shooting and skills rather than the physicality of the game, it is not far off that these two teams that have heavily deep rosters can fend off some off nights of some of their stars and still come up with the win.



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