Herald Express, the youngest among existing local publications and the most underrated by interest groups and politicians, has just entered its fourth year in existence as a legitimate regional newspaper. Our operations over the past three years has been characterized to be unstable in most of the initial months of circulation but started to gain its momentum toward stability as we entered our third year of operation last year, following the aggressive efforts of management to establish the appropriate network to carry us through on our way towards better stability, not for this year but for the coming years.

The print and online editions of the publication continue to gain the readership desired by management through the publication of the appropriately-timed news items from around the region coupled with the existence of a good number of copies in the remote areas for us to reach out to the people in the rural areas who had been longing for news worthy of reading in the strictest sense of the word. After a slight setback in our online edition late last year, our new website, and our new Facebook account rebounded to become one of the frequently visited sites in the social media.  However, the maximum potential of our social media presence have yet to be taken advantage of, that is why we are setting our sights to more surprises as we move on to our fourth year of operation.

Your Herald Express remains to be your alternative source of timely information on the latest developments around the region. If other publications that had been in circulation for decades now treat us as their competitors, we consider them as part of the mainstream media and it will now be up to the public to decipher which among us provide them with the information they need.

The road to survival for a Cordillera-founded publication is steep but it will not stop us from exploring the safest, most practical, and feasible way to achieve success the soonest. Our success in the media industry is not being rushed, considering the need for us to exert extra efforts in strengthening our presence not only in the traditional media but also in the social media, for us to be able to gain the market of both the middle-aged people and the newer generation of the so-called millennials.

What we were before is what we are still now that. We remain to be the jolliest fellows in town as if we have no problems in running the business. Our secrets to our happiness is the way we are able to face and hurdle our problems with flying colors. Previously, we were disheartened by the fact that some members of the media already gave Herald Express a timeline of three to six months of operation and that we will eventually fold up after the May 2016 synchronized elections. Unlucky for them because we remained up and awake to date and we remain aggressive in sustaining the gains of our network with the other parts of the Cordillera with the hope that we will be able to move on to greater heights in the near future.

Success in whatever endeavor is earned and not just aspired for. We have to expand whatever existing network that we have for us to survive this capital intensive business or else, we will be left out in the course of the operation.

We assure our people and those who trust us that we will remain steadfast in achieving our goals and objectives. We are grateful to the Lord for showering us with the strength and blessings for us to continue climbing the ladder of success in our quest for quality new that will be delivered to the public since balanced news is what matters to everyone.

By next year, we will be offering our online services, Facebook live coverages, video clips and interviews to individuals, groups, agencies, local governments and companies interested to avail of the features of our publication. We were able to establish significant Facebook likes and reach and website visits for everyone’s consideration especially that we are in the fast changing information and communication technology age. We will sustain the partnerships that we have established while exploring other possibilities of partnerships with other individuals, groups, local government agencies and the like in the different parts of the region because by doing so, it is the only way for us to grow. We do not want to sit on our laurels and wake up to be left out of the mainstream society.

We made our presence felt and we will strengthen the way we will make our presence felt. We therefore appeal to our readers to enhance the promotions that you have done for the publication, both print and online, while we continue to pray for our detractors to realize that nothing in this world is permanent, except for change, and they should not wait for the tide to turn in our favor. Instead let us work for the advancement of our region as a whole through good news.


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