New Promotion for new fighters in Baguio-Cordi emerged

Modern day Cordillera warrior’s now called fighters in various martial arts discipline may have found another avenue to strut their wares not only in the country but in the other parts of the world.

This came upon as a Korean and longtime partner of local martial arts tournament organizers along with his partners in the boxing world have stretched their arms in partnership with local promotions with the aim of bringing young Cordillera fighters to the various fight leagues in the US and in other parts of the World.

Ami Cha otherwise known as Master Cha and his student Mr. Son Gudal known during his fighting days as Fighting Son – now the owner of In Do Na Ra Store in Seoul and Busan Daegu, South Korea,  signed an agreement with local tourney Organizers led by Edwin Aliong of the Universal Martial Arts for this purpose. The new promotion is called the Universal Cosmic Martial Arts Promotions with Son Gudal as Chairman. Mr. Son once played a boxing exhibition bout with another Korean guy during the 2nd. Quarter Storm Tournament in La Trinidad, organized by Aliong in partnership with Gray Area Solutions last June 2013.

The very purpose of this endeavor is to bridge these many young fighters to the various combat arenas in the World. We have seen how passionate young martial artists here and we want that shown to the fans out there” Master Cha said in statement.

It should be noted that the Cordillera have been put in the map many times by Mix Martial Arts (MMA) fighters most famous of them all is Edward Folayang the reigning One Lightweight Champion. Other famous MMA fighters includes, Kelly Brothers Eric and Edward, Honorio Banario, Kevin Belingon and the young players like Joshua Pacio and Danny Kingad.

The Universal Cosmic Martial Arts Promotion, however, will be nurturing and promoting fighters not only in MMA but also in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.  What is important is that the fighters will have to pass the test that shall be given by the promotion for them to be qualified for matching in any available fight arenas in the US  it was learned.

Edwin Aliong said in a statement he is hoping that the promotion will be able to start with at least a few fighters whom they are expecting to easily pass the test he having trained many of them and had seen them fought in local tournaments.  Baguio City and the Cordillera are known to produce fighters who could easily adopt on any rules of any tournament. This given the fact that boxing and kickboxing had been the most common martial arts being taught in any martial arts gym and clubs here. With that as foundation, Fighters from this parts of the country can easily dominate national martial arts championship such as in the Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA.

By Janardhan Kumar


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